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30th International Conference on Insights in Ophthalmology (June 7-8, 2021)

Dr. Jerry Katzman and Dr. Herbert Gould presented the Keynote Speech at the 30th International Conference on Insights in Ophthalmology, the world's largest conference and gathering for the research community in ophthalmology, held in Berlin Germany. [click here to view video]

6th International Conference & Expo on Euro Optometry and Vision Science (March 24-25, 2021)

Dr. Jerry Katzman presented a paper titled "An Affordable 200 degree non-mydriatic retinal microcamera (RETINALCAM) is capable of imaging the peripheral retina to detect early signs of diabetic retinopathy (DR) for mass screening" that appeared in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology Volume 12, page 21 [click here for article]

34th European Ophthalmology Congress (Webinar) (November 23-24, 2020)

Keynote speakers: Dr. Jerry Katzman, MD, and Dr. Herbert Gould, MD, FACS. The Congress brought together a unique and international mix of large and medium pharmaceutical, biotech, and diagnostic companies, leading universities, and clinical research institutions making the conference a perfect platform to share experience, foster collaborations across industry and academia, and evaluate emerging technologies across the globe. Ophthalmology Congress maximizes the opportunity to interact with and learn from your peers from across the country and across the globe it held with the discussions on Cornea and External Eye Disease, Retina and Retinal Disorders, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Glaucoma: Visual Field Loss, Ocular Microbiology and Immunology, Novel Approaches to Ophthalmology Therapeutics and many more. [click here for video presentation] (registration required)

OPTHALMICDEVICES by Peter Littlejohns (October, 27, 2020) 

Dr. Jerry Katzman discussed the RetinalGeniX, RetinalCamTM Home Monitoring and Physician Alert System. A newly-announced retinal camera could allow doctors to monitor patients at risk of vision-related diseases remotely, using telehealth to bridge the gap during Covid-19. Created by RetinalGeniX, the RetinalCam could allow high-risk individuals to transmit digital images and streaming video to their doctor, easily from their home, meaning those shielding themselves because they’re at high risk if they catch the SARS-CoV-2 virus can still notify their doctors of health concerns. [click here for more info]

International Conference on Optometry (September 22-23, 2020)

The International Conference on Optometry was September 22-23, 2020 for those who wanted to share views and thoughts about various aspects in Ophthalmology. Dr. Jerry Katzman, MD, and Dr. Herbert L. Gould, MD, FACS gave keynote talks. [click here for more info]

The theme of the conference was “Vision For a Better Life” which further explains the recent trends and advancements that are taking place in the field of Vision Science along with the related topics such as Ophthalmology Disorders, Major Ophthalmologic Surgeries, Eye Care, and Advancements, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Novel Advances in Vision Improvement, etc. explained by experts and young researchers in respective backgrounds through their presentations on various sessions in this conference.

Optometry Meet 2020 is the leading conference dedicated to Visual Neuroscience, Cornea and External Disease, and elderly care with advanced medical and family medicine. The goal of Optometry Meet 2020 is to deliver an outstanding program for the exchange of ideas and authoritative views by leading professionals which covers the entire spectrum of research in vision science and shares the cross-cultural experiences of various latest technologies and medical practices.

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29th International Conference on Insights in Opthalmology (Webinar) (June 17, 2020)

Dr. Jerry Katzman, MD, presents the RetinalGeniX Imaging System. He discusses the importance of early diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy, the current insufficiency of retinal screening, globally, and the additional healthcare professional that could be utilized for retinal imaging. [click here for video presentation]

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RetinalGeniX was Represented by Diopsis at the American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting

RetinalGeniX Technologies Inc. was represented by Diopsis, Inc. at the American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California, in October 2019 that was attended by over 20,000 ophthalmology professionals. Diopsys, Inc. is the world leader in modern visual electrophysiology medical devices and has signed an exclusive distributorship arrangement with RetinalGenix. [click here for brochure]